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Reward Points

How to Earn Points?

You earn points as you shop.  Each dollar you spend earns you one point. Be sure to create an account so our website can keep track of your points.

How Much are Points Worth?

Points earn you a 3% discount.

How Many Points do I Need to Redeem?

Your need to accumulate at least 500 points.

How Can I Redeem Points?

Our website will automatically redeem points when you place an order.  Please make sure you are logged into your account when placing an order.

Do Points Expire?

Points are good for 6-months.

Is There a Minimum I Have to Spend to Redeem Points?

No, there is no minimum you have to spend. If you have $20 in points and you have a $20 order, the website will redeem all of your points.

Rules and Conditions.

Euro Parts Plus at their sole discretion reserves the right to cancel the reward points program, modify the point value, add or modify rules and regulations all without prior notice, at any time.

Except where required by law points have no cash value.  Points can be used for merchandise purchased through Euro Parts Plus only.

Euro Parts Plus is not responsible for any data loss or software errors that can result in loss of the reward points.